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Lynn Breaux/His House Band


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Lynn Breaux Music Ministry and His House Band

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Ministry Profile

Jamie Breaux – LifeTeen music minister, sang on Peter’s Song on Lynn Breaux’s “Friend of Mine” CD that was released in 1998 and has been singing with the LifeTeen music ministry since 2001. She is in college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Jamie plays keyboard/piano and sings. She has been active in youth ministry helping with Faith Camp at Big Woods Mission in Esther, Louisiana several years and helping with the Teen Mission junior high youth program at Sacred Heart of Jesus in New Iberia, LA. She has also helped on LifeTeen retreats as music minister and small group leader. She has participated in the Parents For Life retreat as a teen core member. Jamie has sung the National Anthem for the Fourth of July celebration last year in downtown New Iberia and has been cantor at Christ the King church at Louisiana State University. Jamie sang Breathe on His House Band’s “All About You” CD that was released in 2002.  She recorded If You Want Me To for the CD Marvelous live during a LifeTeen Mass, singing and playing keyboard with no additional accompaniment. Jamie’s talent is only overshadowed by the honesty with which she sings, truly giving glory to God from her heart. You will be hearing a lot more from and about Jamie.

 Chris Breaux – LifeTeen core member for 7 years and singer in the LifeTeen music ministry for a couple of years. Chris has impacted hundreds of teens’ lives by being an honest, faithful role model and confidant. Kids are attracted to her caring attitude and straightforward response to their questions in matters of faithful everyday living. They know they will get the unvarnished truth if they come to her for advice. The vast majority of kids want to hear the truth, and appreciate her caring enough to give it to them. Chris’ beautiful voice can be heard on Come Unto Me and on Jesus, You Are Precious in the lead vocals and throughout the CD Marvelous in harmonies and backing vocals.

 Lynn Breaux – LifeTeen music minister for 8 years. Lynn recorded the CD “Friend Of Mine”, a collection of original tunes written in support of the youth ministries of his parish, at Holbrook Studios in Lafayette and learned a great deal from Bob Holbrook and Matt Avant, the studio engineer at Holbrook. The CD sold enough copies to make Lynn interested in producing a second CD, and he set up a digital recording studio in his home to record “All About You” with his friends in the LifeTeen band “His House Band.” The CD sold over 500 copies in the first 6 weeks of release, an amazing amount for an independent release, and the proceeds were given to the church and used for improvements to the sound system at the church hall and for a traveling sound system for retreats and concerts. “Marvelous” is the compilation of 8 original tunes by Lynn and 4 songs by other Christian songwriters. Lynn recorded “Marvelous” in his home studio and played all instruments except the keyboard on Jamie’s two solo songs, and on “Diamond In The Rough” he brought in friends David Brady on drums and Kim Leleux on lead guitar.

 Jamie is the daughter of Lynn and Chris Breaux.


Marvelous, released in 2004, is a mixture of 8 original songs and 4 cover songs sung by Lynn, Jamie and Chris. Marvelous is available above on our web site, at CD Baby at as well as many Digital Distribution outlets. Marvelous was recorded at His House Studios in New Iberia, Louisiana.

Friend of Mine, released in 1998, is comprised of original songs written by Lynn and Jamie. Friend of Mine is available above on our web site, at CD Baby at and is also available at many Digital Distribution outlets including Real, iTunes and others. Friend of Mine was recorded at Holbrook Studios in Lafayette, Louisiana. Glenn DeLaune played guitar, Phil Chandler played keyboards, Mike Burch played drums and Lynn Breaux played bass and some guitar. Vocals were by Lynn, Glenn, Jamie Breaux and Chris Breaux. 

All About You, released in 2002, is a compilation of congregation-requested cover songs that were written by various Christian songwriters. All About You was recorded at His House Studios by Lynn's band, His House Band.   This CD is available above on our web site, at CD Baby at and is also available at many Digital Distribution outlets including Real, iTunes and others. His House Band is currently made up of: Donnie Champeaux, Jamie Breaux, Jenny Gonsoulin, Mike Parich, Lee Breaux, David Brady, Jenny Armand, Shaun Segura, Chris Breaux and Lynn Breaux.

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